Clause 3: Offers

1. All the contractor's offers, if made in writing and if related to activities to be performed by the contractor himself, shall be firm offers, subject to the provisions of the Clauses 3, 4 and 7 hereof, unless expressly stated otherwise in the offer; offers made in a manner differing from the above shall be without engagement.

2. The times of delivery stated in the offers are only indications and shall not be regarded as deadlines.

3. Firm offers that have not been accepted by the customer within the period specified in the offer, shall expire. In case no period is mentioned in the offer, the firm offer shall expire if the customer has not accepted it within 1 month from the date it was made.

4. Offers that are also based on third party offers (consider freight quotations, stowage charges and the like) or that are subject to price fluctuations, shall always be without engagement, even when this does not explicitly appear from the offer.

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